PC/Terminal 24/7/365
PC /Terminal 9:00-24:00 (Monday-Sunday)
PC/ 24/7/ Notebook With Database - NO RAID
MAC/IPad 9:00-18:00(Monday-Saturday)
MAC/ IPAD 9:00-24:00 (Monday-Sunday)
MAC/IPad 24/7/365
Notebook 9:00-18:00(Monday-Saturday)
Notebook 24/7/365
Notebook 9:00-24:00 (Monday-Sunday)
IP, Analog Cameras
Wi Fi
Switches or Router



Our Clients

We offer our services to small and medium enterprises and organizations having departments both in Los Angeles and all over the republic. Our clientele includes beauty product providers, clothing outlets, construction services and material and much more.


Local Network Regulation

Q-IT offer a computer network configuration through both cable and satellite, Internet connection configuration, updating of the existing network, consultation on current network upgrades as well as troubleshooting and diagnostics.


Computer Service

We also realize computer renovation, reinstallation of the operating system with maintaining all data (information), deleted data(information) recovery, the replacing of the equipment, system modernization, obstructed components diagnostic, further service of the computers, as well as an all-day IT service.

At Q-IT, we also provide a computer and PC maintenance service which includes computer upgrades, operating systems upgrades and troubleshooting, file recovery and mining, annual maintenance contract as well as around the clock service.


Server System Investment and Service

We offer a complete service list for the maintenance of servers from Domain network investment, email server regulation and the protection from the spam to the organization of data reserve copying, organizing the servers’ reliability and security. With our experience, you’ll have no problem finding a solution for your server needs.


Digital Watch System Investment and Service

Q-IT also offers a special equipment service, with professional consultation taking into account price and quality. What we offer is installation, regulation and servicing of the watch system (cameras and video recording computers).



Goods Movement and Points of Sale Software

We also offer a complete and fully reliable point of sale and warehouse management system, designed to give you control and full status on all your goods and materials anytime. Our system guarantees the unique ability to keep your warehouses and sale points all up to date and on track with every move.



Electronic Information Security Management

With our computer networks, we’ve managed to solve the issue of data and information loss due and prevention. Our security measures put in place will prevent the tampering, deletion or loss due to any human error at any time.

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